As the title suggests, autumn has begun here in France, and I am having to adjust to more than just the metric system here. Coming from Albuquerque where winter is not really that exciting and autumn tends to be bipolar… well there is not much of a difference from Chambéry. Except there are WAY more trees here so the color change is significantly more noticeable. Entire streets lined with trees now lay a carpet of leaves that dull the sound of footsteps in the early hours of the morning. It is darker in the mornings and because of the mountains, the sun vanishes quicker so the days are shorter… or rather… feel shorter to me. It does get a different kind of cold here. A bitter cold that works its way into every place that is not touched by the sun. I find that my clothes are not quite sufficient to keep out the cold. However, it works well for me at night, cooling down the apartment so that I can sleep better.

The air here smells of fires constantly because that is the most efficient way to warm the house. The mountains make cold feel somehow… closer. Unlike Albuquerque, where we have the Sandias on the east side of the city, there are mountains every which direction you look. In the morning fog hangs in the city for hours before the sun cleans it away. I find myself constantly in awe of the sheer beauty I am surrounded by. Lakes so large that I can’t quite comprehend it, rivers everywhere, and forest as far as the eye can see.

In this part of France, the skiing is said to be some of the best in the country. Bien sûr, quand tu habites dans les Alpes. Hahaha, I have already been asked by several people if I am going skiing. Or rather TOLD that I MUST ski this winter. It is almost compulsory to ski here. I am excited to try it. On top of that, the Hiking here is WONDERFUL. I have been able to go on several hikes in the area with friends and it has been so pretty. I find myself constantly near tears with how pretty this place is. I regularly describe the forest and nature here as “devastatingly beautiful”.

Fall is my favorite season and this place only amplifies my feelings for it more. Unlike America, Halloween is not a big holiday here and Evangeline and I did not celebrate or do anything for Halloween. It was weird passing the day without dressing up, going to a party, or trick-or-treating but it is okay. A new place means new traditions begin and old ones slip away. I will attach several pictures to showcase the beauty I live amongst. I suggest you get out into the world, out into nature, take a camera with you because a camera makes you slow down and notice things that you would not otherwise see. Enjoy Fall my friends.

à beintôt