So up until this point, most of our trips have to places were either English or French were the main languages spoken. I was easily able to communicate with no problems and I was comfortable navigating the metro system or walking into a store to do some shopping.

Now… I am in Italy where they speak Italian and if you are lucky, English. Everything is in Italian, there is no English and it seems that the Italians are very proud of their language. So needless to say, fish out of water was my experience here.  I had one person get upset with me for not speaking Italian.

My friend Jazmin and I took a bus from Chambéry to Milan, it was about a 5-hour bus ride, pretty cheap, and functioning. Unlike the trains due to continued strikes in the Train system here. The catch… there was only 1 bus that day and it left at 1:40 in the morning, arriving in Milan about 7 am. We were fortunate to book an Airbnb nearby that allowed us to check in at 8 am. We all took a nap and then ventured out later that afternoon.

I’ve been curious about the Mcdonalds in other countries so I have eaten at one in each country I have visited to compare… (we almost never eat at a fast food place in France just FYI.) The sides always change depending on where you are. Spain was the first foreign McDs I have eaten and I was blown away by the quality. It literally looked like the picture on the menu. I was impressed and have been since.

I digress. So we then bought metro passes for two days and made our way to central Milan were we… by pure chance found… this church.

This is the Duomo di Milano Cathedral. Freaking gorgeous church. You can tour the entire thing (just make sure ladies you are properly covered, no shoulders, no knees, and no stomachs showing they will make you wear a poncho). You can take a lift, or stairs all the way to the roof and enjoy the view. They have an archeology site underneath it that is cool as well.

We then, of course, ate lunch at a local Italian place where I enjoyed a Pizza and Evangeline ate some of the most delicious spaghetti and meatballs I have ever had.

The next day we went and toured around the Sforzesco Castle which is located in a large park called Parco Sempione, on the other side of that parc is the Arco Della Pace (the Italian version of l’Arc de Triumph)

Turns out the Italian version of X-factor was taking place on that day. Once again, we just stumbled onto all of this, which was great.

We literally didn’t plan anything out the whole trip, we just woke, decided where we would start our day then went from there until we were tired. It was a great, stress-free way to spend the weekend.

We enjoyed more pizza and pasta, we enjoyed some local wine. We found a small river that is known as the Little Venice of Milan, lots of shops, restaurants, and tourists.

One thing to be aware of eating out, in Italy whenever we ate out we are always given bottles of water that we had to pay for. You are supposed to ask for tap water and the time we tried that, either the waiter did not understand or didn’t care. But yeah, they give you bottles of water that you pay extra for, for the price you pay, you are better of with buying a soda or wine.

SO that was our trip, it was fun, stress-free, but I was more than glad to be back in France where the language made sense.