Well, it is our last night in Albuquerque. Packing is all done, just loading up the car for our early morning start. The thunder is rolling in and I have to admit I love that sound. I still need to do a bit of cleaning that I’ve been putting off all week and I am still debating putting it all off…but there is no more time to put things off.

How odd is it that it still does not feel real. I wonder when it will hit me…reality?

Maybe when we are on our flights tomorrow, maybe when we land, maybe a week into being in France. It’s almost numbing when you have dreamed of something for so long, you numb yourself to the excitement because you are afraid of the disappointment, afraid of whatever fallout is waiting on the other side. Though who have lived through such disappointment know exactly what I mean too. Every detail is planned, everything is in place…. this is happening but it still feels like a dream.

Anyway, over the next two days, Evangeline and I will travel from Albuquerque to Lyon with a stop in Texas and Spain. We will land in Lyon at close to midnight on the 24th. Along with an 8 hour time difference, just the traveling will be exhausting. Plus a five-year-old and who knows how she will be during this whole thing. It’s going to be a great adventure regardless but it’s going to be stressful and tiring. I’m lucky enough to have a friend in the area who will be picking us up and letting us stay with them for the day. That is the biggest blessing, have a contact in the area who not only knows the language but knows the area.

It’s the day of our flight, we have made it through one leg of our journey. We are sitting in the Dallas Fort Worth airport waiting for our next flight.

Next stop.