So, one of the best parts where I live in France is my proximity to other countries and the ease of access to get there.

I live in a town called Chambéry in the Savoie region of France, which is located in the French Alps and here is a list of nearby places to visit.

  1. Le Lac du Bourget, which I can get to by a city bus. This Lake is MASSIVE, (to me, coming from New Mexico). During the summer you can swim in it, there are plenty of water sports and Paragliding, parachuting, and a really nice walking path the goes around a portion of this massive lake. 
  2. Annecy, a city that I went to yesterday for the first time. It is a touristy city but VERY pretty and the history is written in the heart of it. They too also have a lake which you can tour by boat. A two-hour boat ride will show you the various little towns that sit next to it and you can see some cool Chateaux. A lot of local cuisine in the heart of Old-town Anncey.
  4. Geneva, Switzerland. A little over an hour bus/or train ride. Great place to fly out from or just visit. This town borders Lac Léman, which makes Lac du Bourget look like peanuts. This town is vibrant, very clean, but also very pricey. A burger at Mcdonalds will cost you about 7 Suisse francs. It is a melting pot of culture though. You will hear every kind of language in the region. French being primary, but German, Italian, Spanish, English. It is was very cool. I was there Last Weekend with some friends. You can visit the UN (we did not, preferring to visit the botanical gardens and walk the border of the lake).
  5. Italy (Milan or Torin) both cities are accessible from Chambery again by bus or train. Train to Milan is about 4 hours, but I think Torin is about an hour away. I have not been to either of these myself but I am planning a trip to Milan next month with some friends.
  6. Ski resorts: If you like skiing in the winter, you are in for a treat and Skiing is practically the national winter sport and literally everyone will ask you if you’ve been skiing.
  7. Hiking Trails: If you are like me and enjoy hiking, there are PLENTY of those in and around Chambéry. A good pair of hiking trails and a knowledge or a friend with the knowledge of the area and you are on your way.
  8. Of course, Paris and Lyon are accessible by Train, Blabla car (a sort of Uber system in France used to fill empty spaces of peoples cars who are going from one city to another), or bus.
    1. Lyon is also about an hour away,
    2. Paris 3 by train.

SOOOO literally, From Geneve or Lyon, you can fly out to nearly anywhere in Europe relatively cheap. UK, Amsterdam, Spain, Italy. Europe is your oyster at that point. If you do a study abroad, take advantage of the local history and travel as much as you can. Weekend trips with friends to see the sights, be a tourist. It is OKAY to be a tourist. I get the chance to see so much, my daughter is meeting SO many new people daily and it has opened her up to the world. Don’t be afraid to miss a bus now and then (as we did in Geneva) Make each experience an opportunity and just EXPLORE.