Maya H.

Senior - Communication & Journalism, Media Arts
Los Lunas, N.M.

Interests: Music, Cats, Bubble Baths

Extra Curricular Activities: Drums, Reading, Board Games.

Red or Green? green

"Then as it was, then again it will be. Though the course may change sometimes. Rivers always reach the sea."
— Led Zeppelin

Favorite Class: As long as it’s not math, I like it!

Favorite Bands: Red Hot Chili Peppers, Queen, Twenty One Pilots, Streetlight Manifesto, Led Zeppelin, Avenged Sevenfold, Weezer, and The Story So Far


What do you want to accomplish before leaving UNM?
I want to look back after I get my degree and be happy knowing I experienced all that I wanted at UNM. I think UNM has so many opportunities that I haven’t even heard of yet. I am hoping that I can find those things, and experience it.

What does it mean to be a Lobo?
Being the best person you can possibly be. Achieving your goals, finding internal happiness, and spreading that positivity to our future Lobos!

What’s your best UNM experience so far?
The best experience to date has been handing out Valentines Day Cards to students with Lobo Louie. I got to help make the cards and handing them out was really wonderful. It was a really good day.

What surprised you the most about UNM?
How much there is to do on campus, even on the day-to-day basis! UNM reaches out to every type of person on campus and I think that’s great.

Meet Maya H.

Half Way There!

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So, now that midterms are officially over for me, I am officially done with my first half of my Senior year! This semester has been relatively easy, until the last couple of weeks. I am also about to start up my second 8 week course, Lobo Gardens. Lobo Gardens is a C&J class that works […]

Spring Break in the Windy City

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  SPRING BREAK- CHICAGO EDITION 2017My Spring Break was one for the books. I decided to visit my best friend in Chicago for five days. Let me just say, if you love the city but also enjoy quiet moments, you’d love Chicago. It’s the perfect mix of peaceful and bustling, and don’t even get me started […]

Cute coffee shops to do homework in

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Coffee shops- the college student’s best friend. You go in, buy a latte, sit down with your laptop, and crack down on assignments and studying. Albuquerque does an amazing job at providing us the coffee shops we need, and they are also aesthetically appealing. Some people don’t know about these shops, despite their wonderfully cliché […]

Taking pictures in the desert

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A few weeks ago, I met up with photographer -and good friend- Shae to do some cool shots in the Los Lunas desert. Essentially, we wanted to do a collab shoot, we just didn’t know who to go to! I began thinking and Shae and I decided that this girl Taylor would be a perfect […]

A class on Hitchcock

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So for one of my Media Arts classes, I signed up for an Alfred Hitchcock class. I remember growing up, my dad was obsessed with him. I remember seeing The Birds, Psycho, and Vertigo. They were all so good, but being a kid, I didn’t understand or appreciate them. And now, I found it kind of odd that there’d […]