So for one of my Media Arts classes, I signed up for an Alfred Hitchcock class. I remember growing up, my dad was obsessed with him. I remember seeing The Birds, Psycho, and Vertigo. They were all so good, but being a kid, I didn’t understand or appreciate them.

And now, I found it kind of odd that there’d be an entire class on one director. I didn’t think he was that special!

I was so wrong

So so, very, wrong.

It is a quarter of the way through the semester, and I have to say that I love this class and Alfred Hitchcock. He was such an amazing director for his time, and even now. Professor Stone goes into in depth discussions about the films, and it turns into a huge conversation with the class. It seems like everyone in the class is just as intrigued as I am, because everyone is involved. This class is a 4 1/2 hour class, which is long, but totally worth it. I am super happy UNM provides this course because learning about the works of one of the greatest directors of all time is such a cool topic!

I will probably post an update towards the end of the semester on the class. I do recommend that everyone see one Hitchcock film. One that our class watched recently was Strangers on a Train. I just finished writing a paper about it. It’s superb! Also, look into Hitchcock, he is quite the interesting fellow, aside from his movies!