Austin City Limits is a giant 3-day festival held in Austin City, Texas. The three days are packed with a variety of different genres, and huge names. I only went to Saturday, so I could see my favorite band- the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

We decided to not do the three-day aspect of the festival because of a few things. One, it was kinda pricey, and two, we wanted to explore Austin Texas!  So we left early Thursday morning and drove 12 hours to Texas. Our first couple of days were exploring the city and eating delicious food. I had Raising Canes for the first time, and boy it was magical. They’re a fried chicken fast food restaurant and they do not mess around. I think about it a lot now, especially since I only had it once. 10/10 would recommend. We also went to a vegan smoothie shop, which I had the most delicious berry smoothie. If I could remember the name, I would tell you:(

Me paddle boarding my life away

The day before we went to ACL, we got to paddle board. It was along a small river next to a neighborhood of expensive, modern homes. It was definitely those “house

Lexi at the Graffiti Park in Austin, Tx

goals” posts you see on Facebook. Any It was mine and my friend Lexi’s first-time paddle boarding. We got to spend two hours on the water, in fact, the river right next to ACL (Zilker Park). It was much harder than I thought it would be but still very relaxing.
So after that, we got to visit the Grafitti Park in Austin. It’s a 100 ft area of a ton of graffiti. It is beautiful, and we got some cool pictures of it.

We ended that evening by going to a theater performance called Sh!t Faced Shakespeare. It’s where a talented group of actors do a Shakespearean play while one cast member gets incredibly drunk. They did the play “A Much Ado About Nothing” (my favorite), and Hero was the drunk. She was so hilarious, spilling her beer everywhere and constantly ruining plans to get her sister and Benedick together.

Austin City Limits was hot, packed, and incredible all at once. We got to see Dreamcar, Russ, Tove Lo, Ice Cube, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Nearly 100,000 people were at each stage towards the end, which was insane. We were surrounded by the time Ice Cube came on. Thankfully, we got to get close enough to see the Red Hot Chili Peppers. It is safe to say I cried a lot seeing my favorite band perform right in front of me. Yep. It was the best night of my life.

The drive back was sad, but not hard. My boyfriend and friend listened to a podcast called Rabbits the entire way. It is perfect for road trips since it is a suspenseful story, like “television for your ears”.

I am so happy to have gone with my two favorite people. Best weekend of my life!