Everyone loves the 90’s

Last week, I went to a concert at Sandia Casino that took me back in time. It was a concert that brought out the neon decade that was the 90’s. The tour is “I Love The 90’s” where artists like Vanilla Ice, Salt-N-Peppa, Coolio, and Kid ‘N Play come together and play their hits from their roof-raisin’ decade. Other artists includeIMG_3082 Biz Markie, Color Me Badd, All-4-One, Robe Base, Tone Loc, Young MC, and Kool Moe Dee.

People of all ages came to this concert, taking them back to a time in their lives where hip-hop had it’s own unique vibe. Nostalgia was an understatement when the eight brought four hours of non-stop party. The crowd was hype. Everyone was dancing, recording, taking pictures, and IMG_3073reciting the lyrics they remembered.

The opening artists played their trend-setting singles that got people ready for the show. Each set gave every artist enough time to play a few, followed by short sound checks to keep the party escalating into the night. As it got darker outside, the music turned up, the crowd got louder and lights came on.

Hip-hop artist Coolio brought his very own saxophone player who played solos and accompanied the rapper the entire set. Coolio played other 90’s hits that weren’t his, but got the crowd excited.

Salt-N-Peppa stole the show, with choreographed dance moves and their entire hit singles like “Shoop” and “Push” with their guest DJ, Spinderella. They are celebrating their 30-year anniversary, and so they pumped out old and new rap melodies from over the years. Salt-N-Peppa hyped up the ladies by telling them that they are unstoppable and brought women from the crowd on stage to dance to “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” by Cyndi Lauper. Later on in the set, the duo brought the guys on stage to show their moves.

Vanilla Ice came on and gave his old hits, new hits, and a evil clown that threw water at the crowd. Ice gave a performance unlike anyone else, with a drummer on stage and a rock feel to every song. His last song was his classic, “Ice Ice Baby” where he brought anyone who wanted to be on stage with him. He concluded the night in selfies and the DJ playing classic hit songs.

The 90’s was a decade of great music and lively people who loved to party.  All ages came and showed appreciation to the hip-hop genre. The nostalgia was real, and everyone felt it. I had a great time experiencing this, and they are touring across the nation this summer if you want to check it out as well!