Coffee shops- the college student’s best friend. You go in, buy a latte, sit down with your laptop, and crack down on assignments and studying. Albuquerque does an amazing job at providing us the coffee shops we need, and they are also aesthetically appealing. Some people don’t know about these shops, despite their wonderfully cliché Instagram posts. Here is a list of coffee shops to visit with your laptop and camera!


Deep Space Coffe


This out-of-this-world coffee shop is located in downtown Albuquerque. The scene of this shop is clean, with colors of white, black, and hints of gold. One wall is filled with doodles, and the other is dark brown bricks. The bright gold lights that hang from the ceiling give a lovely glow in the evening. And the bathroom doesn’t have a mirror, saying “YOU LOOK FINE” on the wall instead. Aside from the aesthetic, Deep Space has great coffee that tastes as good as their establishment looks.


Humble Coffee

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Humble Coffee is located on Lomas and Morningside, and it is connected to a yoga studio. It’s kind of hard to see it right away, but their giant sign on the wall definitely helps! This was the first coffee shop I have ever been to, and it’s adorable. The community surrounded by Humble is great; they have a catchphrase, “stay grounded” which refers to being humble and of course, ground coffee.

Humble is a small establishment, and it usually pretty busy. It can be a pretty tight space going in there, and it’s sometimes hard to find a seat. My favorite time to go here is when it starts to warm up. They have an amazing “back yard” with tables and a really cool wall design.


Breve Crepes and Coffee


This place is perfect if you want a snack and coffee. Breve is an adorable shop with specialty crepes. They are made to hold in your hand, so it’s a breakfast on the go. You get to customize the crepes on a sheet of paper; from nutella, ice cream, to berries and cinnamon- it’s all up to you. Oh, and it’s pretty fun to Instagram their coffee and crepes!

Breve is a large location, and usually pretty vacant for homework doers. You’ll probably be able to find a table and have a comfortable space to get work done. The location is downtown Albuquerque, so you can count it as your breakfast and study sesh.


Prismatic Coffee


Prismatic is a coffee shop located in Old Town that is known for their stroop waffles, coffee bags, and nut/chocolate. They’re coffee is delicious; they have a giant machine in which the prepare and sell coffee by the bag. The environment is similar to the others; clean, open, and new-age. A majority of the tables are long bars, but there are some regular tables. All of the goodies are on display in glass cabinets which makes it easy for viewing, and the employees are pretty helpful with helping make a decision (because trust me, it’s hard to do!)

Prismatic is, in my opinion, one of the coolest coffee shops in Albuquerque. It’s pretty big, so I’m able to find a table usually. Even besides doing homework, it’s a great spot to hang out with friends or any visiting relatives. You can get food, coffee, and feel like you’re in the big city!


Well, this is my short list of coffee places to study in the Albuquerque area. This city is pretty cool, all you gotta do is explore it a little!