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So the other day, in order to avoid studying and other adult worries, my best friend and I grabbed our cameras and hit Central to take photos. I didn’t realize this, but Central has a ton of amazing art. Whether it be from giants murals on walls, to cool shops, to even random sculptures, downtown Albuquerque is an art-enriched area. I lived here all my life, so I have personally paid any attention to this. It was always just there, in the background of things I needed to do, or even my complacency of Albuquerque.

I’ve realized that as I’ve gotten older, and even traveled to different places, how cool this state is. We are very different than other cities, and sometimes in the best ways. Our Native American and Spanish culture create a unique environment that stands out from other places. Oh and the food… You know what I’m talkin’ about when I say green chilé on everything.

The art here is spectacular as well. Even if it is just in the background, here is what my best friend and I got footage of from a couple of locations in downtown Albuquerque. One is in Nob Hill, on Central and Morningside. The other is behind a restaurant close to campus called O’Ramen. I would suggest checking it out, there’s a ton of cool paintings back there!