So this is my last semester of college, and it’s interesting.

Based on my credits, all I needed was upper division electives. So I took advantage of this by trying to find the easiest and most fun classes.

So this is what I have

  1. Pilates
  2. A Class on The Beatles
  3. Intro To Cinematography
  4. 16mm Filmmaking
  5. Abnormal Behavior- Psychology

Yeah, not too bad right? They all seem super cool! I love film, and I would love to learn about oldie time 16mm film! And you saw it correctly- there is an upper division course ON THE BEATLES. How amazing, right? Wow.

I mean the psychology class might be the hardest, but even then the professor seems great so far.
I will probably do monthly updates on this educational experience, so feel free to keep up!