Every year, a local alternative station (104.1, The Edge) hosts a concert around the Holiday season. It’s called How The Edge Stole Christmas and they get a big artist to come and play with the local flavor of Albuquerque. This year, the theme was reggae and the headliner was the one and only, The Dirty Heads.

I remember years ago when their first album came out in 2011. I fell in love, their music was fun, real, and unique. Since then I have been a huge fan. Around the time of their first album release, they came to Albuquerque on tour. I don’t remember why, but I wasn’t able to attend the show and I was heartbroken.

I had to attend this show, but funds due to Christmas shopping left me in a bind. But the cool thing is… The Edge has one thing they do when they host this event- they give people an opportunity to win tickets by giving back to the community. This year, people had to go to specific Metro PCS locations within a time frame, donate 12 canned goods, and get a free ticket! Helping out others and getting to see the Dirty Heads? Sign me up.

I went ahead and got extra cans just because I had them, and drove myself to the location. They said on the radio that they would be there from 4-6 p.m., so I thought getting there 15 minutes early would guarantee me a spot.


The line was over 20 feet long and they had told me that they had run out of tickets for this remote. I was so bummed… But determined. They had 3 more ticket giveaways and I was going to get it.

Two days later, I showed up an hour early to the event, cans in hand. The line was already filling up, people are just as dedicated as I am, I thought. I then waited in the cold for an hour, but guess who got a ticket… 🙂

The concert was at the Sunshine Theater, and the show sold out. Everywhere was packed, so it was hard to get a great spot. 15419435_10206908432383765_1262876019_oI decided to hang out at the bar, where I got a perfect view of the stage.

I didn’t see the first band perform, but I got to see The Riddims play. They are a local reggae band from Albuquerque, and they did an amazing job! My favorite was their saxophone player, who laid down pretty smooth solos.

The Dirty Heads came on and the crowd went wild, myself included. I was curious to see how their setlist would be since they have so many good songs and no 3 albums to work with. They pleasantly did a combination of all three, even some slow songs too! What was cool is that the crowd seemed to know every song, regardless of what album it was from or popularity. Also, they sound exactly like they do in their studio recordings. They are a great band to see live.

The edge released that they had donated over 4,000 pounds of cans to those in need this Holiday season. That’s a pretty amazing thing. This show was a great way to end my fall semester. I had a great time, and also got to help out the community.