During Finals week, I got to deliver free coffee and cookies to struggling, studying students in need.

As a part of UCAM, UNM Snapchat did a Snapchat Coffee Break, where students Snapchatted their locations and had free coffee and cookies delivered to them!

For three hours on Saturday, May 6th and two hours on Monday, May 8th, a group of us got to deliver cookies and coffee to those studying on Main Campus. We didn’t know if it was going to be a success or a huge flop! Thankfully, it was a success- students were so thankful for us delivering coffee to them, as they sent us gracious Snapchats and smiles. What I didn’t think about during all of this was the workout I got in for delivering the goods! A lot of the snaps were in Zimmerman library- first, second, and third floor.  I ran up those stairs so many times, got a good cardio going.

I was so happy, since I was a part of putting this event together. It’s so wonderful to see a project come through and bring happiness- which was the intended outcome! Special thank you to all the volunteers who helped during this, without you all, this wouldn’t have been as smooth as it was!