So, now that midterms are officially over for me, I am officially done with my first half of my Senior year!

This semester has been relatively easy, until the last couple of weeks. I am also about to start up my second 8 week course, Lobo Gardens. Lobo Gardens is a C&J class that works on well, the Lobo Gardens. It seems super interesting, but it might be a hard course since it is 400 level. The professor listed all the homework for it, and it doesn’t seem super hard… Yet. I checked out the professor on, but there isn’t much. She seems super nice from the emails and syllabus, so I am hopeful!

I definitely want to put more efforts in my studies. I have been not working as hard as I usually do because of work, but I want to make school my priority. I mean, that’s why I am working- pay off tuition and get my degree! Based on looking at my classes and prepping, I have a final project and 2 finals. Hopefully that is the case, the least amount of finals, the better!

As long as I finish this semester and next, I will have a diploma and let out into the real world. How scary, and exciting.

Wish me luck! I will need it!