I am halfway through my last semester as an undergrad. It’s a bit crazy. Like… I am almost done. How exciting.

My semester has not been rough at all…. *knocks on wood*. My classes are super fun. One’s on the Beatles, one’s on rock operas, one’s a psychology class and lastly, a film class. I am having a blast, which is awesome. I love my classes and it’s been super laid back. It’s almost scary because I am waiting for things to go wrong real soon. What I mean is that assignments and studying will come piling in where I am in a constant state of panic and mental breakdowns. Hopefully, it won’t? We can’t be sure.

I am so far loving all my professors. They’re people I admire and enjoy listening to talk. My film professor has worked with a lot of commercials and movies, and it’s super cool to listen to his experiences (which he does bring up a lot!).

If it gets super whacky, I will keep you all posted! Everything is smooth sailing… For now… Hopefully… Fingers crossed….