When I signed up to be in in the Albuquerque Twinkle Light parade, I did not know that I would be making the float itself.

The parade was December 9th, and we were told only two weeks prior that we had to decorate a float from scratch. Oh, by the way, I work at the radio station in Albuquerque, Magic 99.5- the one that plays Christmas music all November and December!

Anyway, yeah. Only 2 weeks. Me and my coworkers, who were also clueless about doing this, were  nervous. Us four were responsible for decorating the float that represented the radio station!

It was so nerve racking. What were our theme be? How would we even do it? We aren’t even handy! Every idea was shot down by the lack of handiness. We went to different stores for decorations, feeling even more lost than before. Here, I will make a list of things we were lacking:

  • People started decorating in October. We got KNOWLEDGE at the end of November.
  • Our budget was only $300. Lights are $20 each alone.
  • We all worked, and our schedules conflicted.
  • How do we even build anything?!
  • We couldn’t get access to the trailor until THE DAY BEFORE the parade.
  • We had no idea what the trailor looked like.

Thankfully our coworker Marlo and her nephew came to our rescue. They made an adobe house and Christmas tree stake out of wood and pallets. So throughout the week before the parade, we were able to accumulate holiday stuff from our homes. We also got boxes and wrapped them as presents. The finishing touches were all the lights! We even got a lit up chile ristra to put up on the adobe house. The finishing touches included snow and luminarias on the bed of the trailer.

The day of the parade came, and it was a mess. Traffic was horrible, we were all grumpy, and we had limited time. We all ran, threw stuff around and made the trailer look like a Winter wonderland. AND IT WORKED. Our float came to life.  And I could not be more proud. It was such a stressful time having to study for finals, work, and then make a float at the end of the day… But we did it.

We got to dance on the float for an hour, and wave at Burqueños from the street. They loved it, and so did the judges, too. Our float won third place in the commercial category! I was amazed that our chaotic, yet determined, compassion and creativity got us placed.

I am  so proud of my team for putting this together. They did phenomenal work and dedicated their extra time to make a float worth presenting. Besides all the stress, we had a blast. And now that I am prepared, I will dominate next year.