So my best friend and I have known each other seen we were youngins.

2005 Maya and Niki

And our birthdays are 5 days apart. I am absolutely BAFFLED we have never done a joint birthday party before, and so I am pretty happy we got to do it this year.

We called it the Demogorgon Monster Mash Birthday Bash. It was a Stranger Things themed, Halloween-Birthday party. It is safe to say that it got real spooky, folks. I made a Facebook event on Facebook, and we both invited our friends and family and hosted it at my house. We live incredibly close to one another (just like we did growing up), so we got to decorate all week and prep for the party. We got the Stranger Things letters, (where Will’s mom tries to talk to him), and a ton of Christmas lights. The setup was super, and I was proud. I even made

The facebook event cover photo. Yes I am this extra.

The Snapchat filter

a Snapchat filter! Then, my wonderful roommate spent her day off to make Jell-O shots for the party. They were green, purple, and red. The red ones were in drinking syringes so it looked SPOOKY BLOODY. We certainly went all out.

What’s incredibly ironic about this party, is that we didn’t even dress up in Stranger Things attire. We thought about being Dustin and Mike, or even Will’s mom. But no siree, we did something a little different. We were The Big Lebowski- me as The Dude, and Niki as Walter. I walked around in sunglasses carrying half and half. Niki carried around Donnie in the Folgers can.

The party was a success. Everyone entered the Upside Down and enjoyed our surplus of Jell-O Shots and Stranger Things References. The only thing is that we didn’t have a rug to time the room together (see what I did there?).




The party was so fun, and I think my pals had a great time, too. Another successful Halloween!


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