My friends and I like to go out and take pictures on our free time. It’s super cool. We go to different locations -mainly in Albuquerque- and photograph. It helps our social media and portfolios.

Well the other day, we were running out of ideas where to go out and shoot. We don’t want to imitate every other photographer in NM, but that’s where we live and we are running out of locations…

Then it hit me.

The Luna Mansion

In May of 2015, I was a server/bartender at the Luna Mansion, located in Los Lunas (it’s about 30 minutes South of Albuquerque). It’s a cute mansion established in the late 1800’s by the name of Soloman Luna, who helped bring New Mexico into becoming a state! The family has distant relatives who live in town, but the Luna Mansion is now a fine dining experience.

What’s beautiful about this place is that every room is different. There’s the front two rooms that have bright windows and floral prints, to a “red room” painted maroon that is dark, to even a solarium (my favorite).

So we all ate in the bar on the second floor, this is where all the bedrooms were back in the day. We got delicious wings, potato skins, and calamari. Then, we went out and shot the beautiful mansion! Here’s what we got-

***Majority of photos are mine, but some are by my talented friends ­čÖé


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