SPRING BREAK- CHICAGO EDITION 201717264190_10207594197247458_456886392468814771_nMy Spring Break was one for the books. I decided to visit my best friend in Chicago for five days. Let me just say, if you love the city but also enjoy quiet moments, you’d love Chicago. It’s the perfect mix of peaceful and bustling, and don’t even get me started on the architecture!

I arrived at Midway International Airport 12 p.m. sharp on the Friday that Spring Break began. I left New Mexico in a t-shirt, and arrived in Chicago needing to wear a million layers of clothes. It was freezing there; 17 degrees! The sun does not provide any warmth like NM, so safe to say, I was a walking icicle.


The Goblet from the Sugar Factory!

The first thing we did in Chicago was check out The Sugar Factory. This place is magical – decked out food, candy, milkshakes, and goblets. A goblet is a giant alcoholic beverage with candy and flavors, all with dry ice, so it puts one quite the show. I ate so much, and was on a sugar high for a good few hours/days/probably still experiencing because of how intense it was.

The next location on our itinerary was checking out the Shedd Aquarium. This place was decked out with sea creatures of all kinds. My personal favorite were the otters because well, who doesn’t love otters? They are the cutest things to watch, and one even interacted 17309176_10207607356816439_4531209977729521982_nwith my best friend.


The view from the top of Willis Tower

We then took an Uber to the Willis Tower (formerly known as the Sears Tower). I guess the wait is usually long, but for us, we barely waited an hour. It was dark by this time, so we got to see all of Chicago at night. Boy, it was stunning. I even got to stand over the glass- pretty horrifying!

The next day, Chicago was prepping for St. Patricks Day. They colored the river green and everyone was decked out in green attire (Safe to say they celebrated the 17342547_10207607355376403_5954302806810359716_nholiday early!). We got to go on a cruise for 3 hours on lake Michigan. It was super festive and they fed us. Plus the view was the whole city, it was awesome! We then checked out local shops and got pizza at Giodornos. OH MY GOSH it was 17362003_10207607355816414_8059191495871367939_namazing. Sadly, I wasn’t feeling well because I was recovering from a stomach virus, so we had to check in for the night a little early.
The next morning, Sunday, we got to explore Millenium Park. All that’s really there is The Bean, but it’s phenomenal. If you stand in a certain way, you can see the17308751_10207607355096396_4891750893623638487_n reflection of the city! Then we finally said
goodbye to the heart of the city and went to Crown Point- where my best friend’s parents live. We got to take a train all the way there, which was super cool because I got to see the city and the suburbs around it.

I spent my last two days relaxing, eating food, and spending time with my best friend. We were a part of that North East storm, which NYC took a beating. We, however, only got a few inches of snow. I was honestly hoping my flight would be canceled so I could stay in Chicago longer, but it was on time.

One thing I was happy about was coming to 75-degree weather in New Mexico. I definitely did not miss the chilly weather of Illinois! I do want to visit in the summer, so who knows… Spontaneous trip yet again? Who knows 😉