On April 1st, I went to the Sunshine Theater to see the bands Mayday Parade and The Maine. It was such an amazing show!

The opening band was The Technicolors. Only the lead singer was there, because they were put on the tour last minute and the rest of the band couldn’t schedule in time. Even as a one-man-band, he did a spectacular job. His guitar skills reminded me of Jack White, and I was very impressed by that!

The Maine is a band from Tempe, Arizona- formed in 2007. They are considered a modern rock band with a young
12442708_10205249845360126_288417115_n audience. They put on an excellent show, playing for over an hour. The lead singer brought a fan on stage to even sing a song! Towards the end, a fan threw an inflatable alien on stage, and the band propped it against a microphone for the remainder of the concert.

I have been listening to The Maine since I was in high school, and it was super cool to have seen them for the first time (finally!)

When Mayday Parade came on, the crowd was going nuts. They are a rock band from Tallahassee, Florida- formed in 2006. Their fan base is huge in New Mexico, and they were so excited to see them. I have seen them once before, when they were one of the headliners for Warped Tour. I definitely think they put on a better show this time, because the crowd and music came off quiet and boring. They played a total of 12 songs, and 2 encore songs afterwards. It was an amazing set list, though12939099_10205249845520130_42814254_n I wished they would have played a song called When I Get Home, You’re So Dead- my high school favorite song by them.

The three bands playing in The American Lines Tour all fit together for a great concert. The visual effects in the show were spectacular, with lights scattered across the stage, occasionally hitting the disco ball at the venue. The drummer was propped on a platform, and two platforms were in the front for the other members of the band to jump onto. The sound was also done nicely, and I am so glad to have seen them. What a great night!