Today is my last day.

I am graduating. It’s crazy to think that this day has finally come, and to be honest… It hasn’t settled in yet. I have these random bursts of excitement as the ceremony gets closer, but I do not think it has really settled in that I am done with school.

I mean, I’ve been in school all my life. Well, preschool until now. I always had summers and winters off, but I always came back for two semesters a year. And now… It’s all over! It’s Summer vacation… Forever.

Now you always hear people say (especially me), that I couldn’t wait for school to be done. And though that is true, it’s a little bittersweet. I had this routine for nearly all my life and now I have to change it. I don’t have fellow students anymore, I don’t even have “student” as a professional title. I know I should be feeling relieved, but I am instead in a bit of an identity crisis. I am just a woman of the workforce now. Definitely gonna take time to get used to.

BUT IT IS EXCITING TOO. All the years of studying, crying, all-nighters, and wanting to drop out… I FREAKIN MADE IT. I MADE IT THROUGH!

All these mixed emotions just go into this profound gratitude of even being able to get an education. UNM was so good to me; I got amazing opportunities out of it. I got to work here, meet my best friends, and find my passion in film and photography. Oh geez now I am getting emotional. MOVING ON.


I just have a lot of feelings today. I am going to miss UNM tremendously, but I am so lucky I am able to say bye to such a great university- degree in hand. It’s been a wild ride.


Thanks to everyone who has read my stories on The Pack. It’s been great reflecting all the cool stuff I did for two years. I hope you enjoyed it, and I hope you continue to read all the great individuals who get to share their unique stories, too.



***I won’t lie, this final post got me a little emotional and more excited for graduation tonight***