It happened yet again- my favorite time of every semester…


It’s where a group of volunteers bring their adorable furry volunteers to pet and love on while us students are struggling in essays, projects, and exams. This semester, the Cuddle A Canine crew came for two hours to make me forget about studying. Like always, it was the best. This time, there was 14 dogs. Some of the dogs were familiar from the previous times I have gone, like Pretzel- a Brussels Griffon. They are small dogs that have beards! So adorable, and Pretzel is a heckin’ good boy.

I forget about all the worries I have when I see these pups. They all warm my heart and make me smile! I am so grateful for Zimmerman library putting together this event because I am definitely not the only one who loves it. Everyone had a smile on their faces, even the dogs! They were getting all the proper belly rubs.

Anyway, this was a good day. I am super happy I got to go again. Here’s a picture of this adorable Akita. It was her first time attending Cuddle A Canine 🙂

img_8033  img_8025img_8024

And here’s a cute video recap from UNM! 🙂