Fiestas 2017. Where do I begin?

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This was one of my favorite memories of my college experience. I was not only able to attend of one of UNM’s biggest events, but I got to be a working part to it as well! I was event staff, where I got to photograph the entire day. It was amazingly fun. Here’s what went down:

At 11:00 a.m., I showed up at Johnson Field with camera in hand. I was ready. Ready for a long day of music, fun, photos, and sun burns. I was given an event staff tv shirt and a backstage pass. I was hoping that with this glorious pass, I could possibly meet one of the bands performing- Vista Kicks. I had accidentally stumbled upon them on Spotify, and I was hooked. I remember recommending to  Student Special Events to get them on the lineup, and they succeeded! I was outrageously STOKED.

The first performer was Z Man Thompson. He’s a fifteen year-old rapper from New Mexico. It blew my mind at how talented he was at such a young age. He’s going to go far if he continues his music career.

Ry Taylor was up next, and his acoustic guitar serenaded the crowd. Unforgettable.

17834977_10154955089356265_1445934881636985438_oAs the day went on, I still had not spotted the beloved Vista Kicks. But then, it happened. The bass player and drummer were hanging out on Johnson Field. The drummer was chilling, reading a book on a blanket- what a beautiful sight. The bassist was watching Eugene play on stage. I decided to approach them and I had an amazing conversation with the two. They were incredibly humble individuals who were happy to chat and let me take a photo with them. I was fan girling pretty hard.

I saw the whole band later on, when they were suited up and ready to go on stage. I showed them some of the pictures I took and they were super happy about it. When they started performing, I was able to bring my sister to the barricade area to watch. She was so happy, and we had such a blast. THEY DID AMAZING LIVE. And what makes me happier is that 17862423_10207780070974185_5729603282662022868_n
hey totally got a fan base in New Mexico now. What do you say, Vista, make a comeback sometime soon? 🙂

Dam Funk was also one of my favorite artists to perform at Fiestas. Let me just say, he puts the DAM in FUNK (ayooooo). The entire set was fresh and funky, and I wasn’t the only one feeling the vibe. The whole crowd was getting down to the beats, even a dance circle popped up, where people were getting down to modern disco! I was able to take pictures on stage and he started dancing with me! One of my favorite moments at Fiestas this year for sure.

All day long, the Fiestas crowd got bigger and bigger. By the end, it was guessed that 5,00o people attended. Everyone had an amazing time, especially when 17855320_10154955089656265_1354813940309079869_oSkizzy Mars came on. Everyone in the crowd sang along to his songs- it was super cool to see. Everyone was super pumped for Gramatik, too. He gave an amazing funk set, that got everyone jumping for an entire hour.

My absolute favorite moment was actually during Gramatik. Not just for the amazing set he had, but the fun I had. All the staff and photographers weren’t allowed to film, so we got to enjoy the show. We were all dancing together in the very front of the stage. Everyone was so happy that we were able to pull another successful Fiestas at UNM, and we were celebrating.

To anyone at UNM, or incoming Freshman- attend Fiestas. It’ll be on of your favorite experiences of college. I know it’s mine :)!