You read that title correctly, I saw Metallica. And it was amazing.

I went with my middle school best friend, Claudia. From when we first met, we listened to Metallica. We had it as our ringtones, we watched live documentaries, and that love carried on with us now.

Claudia asked me if I wanted to see them in San Diego in August. I was so in, but the only thing holding me back was transportation. She recommended the train- which I had never considered. It would be $124 round trip, which I had a hard time saying no to. On a whim, I agreed. I would be seeing Metallica.

People kept scaring me on the idea of the train being awful: it is a long ride, uncomfortable, and gross. But that wasn’t the case at all. It was awesome, I got my own seat to sleep and recline, I slept most of the way, and it was an overall peaceful experience. I would greatly do it again.


Anywho, the concert was on a Sunday, and we got there Saturday morning. Claudia’s amazing cousins (THEY MADE THE TRIP PERFECT) took us to the beach all day long, in which I got a gnarly sunburn. (update: it’s a lovely tan now) We were so exhausted afterward, and we all went to bed pretty early.

So then it was Sunday. The BIG DAY. I was stoked. We started our day getting Nitrogen ice cream at Creamistry, which was DELISH. Then we drove to the show. It was at Petco arena, and that stadium can fit 24,000 people, and it did. I’ve never seen so many people wearing Metallica shirts. It was a great time.

Claudia and I had bought cheap tickets, and we realized when we got there that they were cheap for a reason. They were in the very back. We decided to sit with her cousins, and waited for someone to claim their seats. We moved six times.. Lol. Finally, we got caught being in the wrong section. Soooo, we just went to another section where we found a couple of seats that the people upgraded to go to the pit! So we got these amazing seats, super close to the stage, without paying for them. All in a days work 😉

Metallica was, hands down, the best show I have ever attended. There was fire, fireworks, giant LED HD screens and an entire drum solo. It was a spectacle, and it was a blast. When they played “One”, they reenacted a war scene. They were using lights to portray snipers and made gun sound effects with the fireworks. I was amazed. Metallica was a night I will never, ever forget!

Also, thank you, Claudia, for giving me one amazing night and trip. Your family is amazing, and you are just as amazing. I love you, dude! I am so happy we got to fulfill our 8th-grade dream of seeing Metallica!