So I’m not super huge into EDM. I have always leaned more towards rock or punk. However, I am Maya- the girl who listens to everything. I appreciate EDM, there’s so much effort that goes into the songs that a lot of people don’t take into account. And the concerts associated with it are so unbelievably fun.

It was because I watched the Netflix documentary “I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead” that made me have a huge love for EDM. The documentary is about Steve Aoki, an Asian-American DJ that does nothing but hustle. In the year that the documentary was made, he did 300 shows in one year. And that doesn’t even include music videos, interviews, exercising, and creating new music. He basically doesn’t sleep, so emphasis on the title of his documentary.

He’s a pretty big artist. so I thought he wouldn’t come to Albuquerque since it’s a small city. BUT HE DID. HE CAME TO ALBUQUERQUE!

It was called the Block Party, and artists like Ookay and Slushii joined Aoki at the parking lot across the street from the El Rey Theater. It was perfect weather for a show, and it lasted 6 hours. But it was super awesome, each DJ did amazing.

Aoki came on and I nearly lost it. His long, beautiful hair flowed as he played his hit songs “How Else” “Just Hold On” and others in between. Then, the cake came.

He does this thing where he will throw cakes at people. The crowd started chanting “CAKE ME” and I had to get to the front. My boyfriend and I rushed to the front and I got on his shoulders. I got semi-caked, which may have been a good thing because being completely covered in cake at a concert sounds disgusting.

Anyway, this show was amazing. Such a fun time with my friends. Super happy.