This will now be the sixth time I have attended the Vans Warped Tour. From starting out in Las Cruces, then moving to the Isleta Amphitheater, and now, the beloved Balloon Fiesta Park. I am so glad they finally did it there; it’s a flat, large surface that is in Albuquerque instead of three hours away! Except only this time, t19396846_10208317698734543_2785743179206883298_nhey are also doing it in August (yo girl might be attending that, stay tuned). Warped Tour is one of my favorite events of the summer, and this year was definitely no exception.

Plans fell through with other friends- some who had tickets were not able to go due to complications. I was worried, but I knew my buddy Gerad -the guy who has been to every Warped Tour as I have- was going to be there. If no one else could go, I knew that Gerad and I were gonna have a blast. Anyway, since other friends couldn’t go, I had their extra tickets. I decided to invite my friend Maggie, but she couldn’t go. However, her boyfriend Aaron could. Then my best pal Lexi was able to go after she was off of work. So with the for of us, we were going to make Warped Tour 2017 a dope day.


I was super sad, because in the morning I had to work, which meant I missed the first two hours of Warped. Those first two hours were Stick To Your Guns, and I was pretty bummed I missed it. But, I still got to see Neck Deep, Save Ferris, I prevail Blessthefall, and GWAR (yeah, they are 19424043_10208317698774544_4652622338005426221_ntill touring).On top of that I got to see some amazing metal bands, like CKY (yeah they still tour, too)  and The Acacia Strain. A lot of moshing, and a lot of sweating. It was 100 degrees out! Thankfully, there were also clouds, so I wasn’t completely dying in the sun. What was funny is that every band said that it was hot or said we were all tough for being out in this weather! I guess New Mexicans know how to handle their heat. There were also bountiful water stations and a hero with a hose spraying everyone. MVP for sure. What was smart was that my friend Gerad bought a Stick To Your Guns flag. He got that sucker wet and used it as a cooling off blanket. I was granted with said cape, and I was very pleased.

19399406_10208317699214555_2700582672308077492_nGWAR was insane by the way. They were one of the last bands to perform, and they were certainly worth the wait. They were, like always, shooting blood at people. Then, they brought out this giant alien gun that shot blue dye at everyone. THAT STUFF STAINED so i totally avoided it. I got hit anyway, but no where near the people completely covered in blue. Metal Smurfs.

Anyway, it was super cool to bring a group of friends that ended up becoming friends. It was a super fun day out jumping, running, singing, yelling, and moshing. Another successful Warped Tour in the books!