Ah, finals week.

The last week of school… Or even technically, the last two weeks of school. It’s where studying, writing long papers overnight, and putting together either individual or group projects took over my life. I realized that this semester was the first time that I, no matter how much I tried, could not work or study at home. I was getting waaaaayy to distracted! So I thought, well okay. Everyone is always working on homework at UNM, why haven’t I? So I thought it was only fair that I took advantage of the college experience and study at school. img_8173

I knew there was Zimmerman Library. And I won’t lie, I have been there before. I have written papers, hung out, and maybe took a nap or two. But the last month of school involved me making Zimmerman library my sanctuary. More specifically, floor three! It’s super quiet, kind of like the Hogwarts room, but a different environment. Also, not as many people as the Hogwarts room.

But there’s one area on campus that isn’t Zimmerman but as equally productive in studies. The Arts and Sciences library -architecture building- is a beautiful place on campus that is bright, beautiful, and amazingly quiet. It’s an amazing area to study because you will not hear a single sound in there; everyone is super quiet and mainly reading. There’s also huge windows that show the Sandia Mountains. These windows bring in natural light, which is my absolute favorite! What I like to do is rent out a room, too. Renting out study rooms is amazing- you get to have a room with a giant window of your own, and it has it’s own door so you could either have extra quietness or work on a project with others and not get in trouble for making any sound. You’re only allowed these rooms for two hours, however. I see this as an opportunity to get my work done faster.



I am not sure if you guys have been to this library on campus before, but I strongly suggest you check it out because I love it!

Happy Studying 😉