On a wonderful, kinda-chilly Wednesday morning, I teamed up with the Lobo Life in attending a mini adventure.


It was in Taos at the Los Rios River Runners crew for an entire day of White Water Rafting!

So we started at 5:30 a.m. and then drove all the way to Taos. What was weird was that the day before, it snowed in Santa Fe. Yeah, snow in May. But this is New Mexico that we are talking about. So the entire day was a little colder than expected. Thankfully, Los Rios provided wet suits that helped us amazingly! I had to get the smallest size of wet suit- even borderline child size. I mean I shouldn’t be surprised by this, I shop in the child section at Target. Anyway, back to rafting. I’ve never been, so I was super nervous about it. I didn’t know if it was going to be super hard with a big workout, or I’d somehow fall out of the boat 🙁

So it was a long day of being out on the water. Our crew was separated into two boats, I was in the smaller boat. We got a tour of the river from a great tour guide, and he explained how to row in an amazing way. Our group was really well focused and followed instructions, so when the rapids got hard, we knew exactly what to do. IT WAS SO STINKIN’ FUN. The entire time I was laughing and rowing and holding onto dear life. Super exciting. The tour guide also gave some cool historical facts, like a man/dare devil jumped off the cliff with a motorcycle and car, and the parts to each are still there to look at! I also got to see four golden eagles and an OTTER. Boy, I was excited about that. The route also had poison ivy, which I have never seen before. Due to lack of water, poison ivy in New Mexico can’t grow on it’s full branch, so they adapted by only having leaves on the top of the branches. They look like little palm trees, however the recent rain in New Mexico is helping them grow back to how they are supposed to.

The rapids we went on were only category 4, which is pretty hard, but not the worst. They also don’t last a long time, so it’s an easy ride overall. I love white water rafting so much, in fact I am trying to plan a trip with my friends again this summer! And it’ll probably be at Taos again, the team at Los Rios and the beauty I got to see was so beautiful. Everyone needs to go on adventures, even if it’s a little one. And New Mexico is the perfect state to do that.