One of the interesting things that you learn when traveling abroad is that your sense of time gets screwed to all heck. Time goes slow, then it goes fast, then you wake up at 3pm, then you are waking up at 5am to catch a flight, and suddenly it’s 8pm on the day that is Thanksgiving in the USA, but to you the day is almost over, you haven’t seen a single turkey, and you had class earlier in the day. Time warped. It may be turkey day in the USA, but in Spain, it’s just another Thursday. 

Here I am scratching my head and looking at the calendar and counting the days, and, wow, there’s only 12 days of class left, plus a few days of exams. Dang, that’s not even two weeks worth of days. Well, there goes this semester, I suppose.

I guess if I look back on the days, it really didn’t go all that fast… it just may be that I’ve stopped counting days as much, and I have begun counting weeks by the amount of weekends, or important events. It’s a theory of mine that time only seems to speed up as you get older because you stop writing the date of the day down as often… You know how in primary school, every day you wrote down what day it was; you paid attention to what day of the week it was. Every day in primary and middle school there was a reason to write the date down, and so we all thought about the date for a moment. Then as we got to high school there were less dates to write down, and now in college, there are even less. I don’t exactly have a job but I know from some of the jobs that I have had that the date or day haven’t really been a big issue, and so you do your work and go home, same things each day, but with sleep in between. And the days go by. And it isn’t that we stop doing things or that time goes by more quickly, but that we remember less dates. We still get things done, but the days have started to run together. 

Yeah, it gets really cold in Spain.

I mean, looking back now, and thinking of the days, going back over my calendar, I can see that I have done a lot of things, more than just those on the weekend, or when I went out. It may have seem to go by fast, but I think I lived out most of those moments pretty well, no real regrets at the moment. 

Looking back on my stay thus far, I am thankful for all the experiences that I have had and the friends that I have made so far. I mean, alternatively to my theory above, the time could have passed because I was having a good time, because I’ve certainly have. 

Just because Thanksgiving didn’t happen on Thursday doesn’t mean that it did not happen at all… on Black Friday I hosted a small potluck Friendsgiving dinner at my flat. My biggest regret is that I couldn’t invite all of the friends that I have made here in Spain (and especially those in the USA), but my flat has the biggest open space that I have seen in most flats in Madrid and my parents kitchen in the USA is bigger than the entire space… so I could only invite a few friends, but nonetheless, we had a good time bring


together a bunch of random dishes (most of which had little to do with an American Thanksgiving). 

One of the things that one of my friends asked at our Friendsgiving was why Thanksgiving is even a holiday, and to be honest, I had almost forgot. I eventually remembered and told them the story with the pilgrims, but I added that I think it has evolved into more of a day to give extra thanks and to be with the family or the friends (or maybe it’s just a holiday for capitalism if you’re pessimistic like that). But either way, that made us force everyone to say what they were thankful for, and because it was their first Thanksgiving, of course they tried to squirrel their way out of doing it, like everyone used to when they were teens. It was quite funny. But it also reminded me that maybe we should practice saying what we are thankful for more often because it does make you think about what you have, and how it could be different. And a little self-reflection never hurt anyone. Just saying. 

Hope everyone had some good holidays or at least a good weekend of shopping through those sales (I did). 

Un saludo, 

Miguel Sabol

A Pharaoh and I

Went to a big Egyptian exposition with Art History students (they were pretty enthusiastic about everything)




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