So maybe I’m not the best with schoolwork or managing my time… BUT I’m getting better! Learning to grow as a person is necessary in college.

I owe it all to these few things:


I struggle with making myself do the important stuff on my ‘To Do List’. So I started writing out my week! My assignments, my chores, and my errands I need to run! If it’s something I need to get done, I write it down on a sticky note or in my planner, so I know it’s going to get done! I time everything out and give myself a few days to get things done! It works 99% of the time! (When I don’t succumb to my desire to do absolutely nothing.. it happens!(but don’t let it happen a lot))

Plan time for yourself

If you’re like me and enjoy the constant surrounding of your close friends, try and plan a few hours a day (maybe even just 1-2) to spend alone with yourself! Whether it be reading a book, watching a few YouTube videos, taking a bath, doing a face-mask or playing video games; time to yourself really helps you relax and have a little bit of a brain break from socializing or school/work stress! This time has really helped me focus on my goals and concentrate to accomplish things I wanted to do but never had time to focus on!

Clean your room

I don’t know about you, but when my room is messy (which is often, but I’m working on it!) I can’t focus on anything! I often use cleaning as an excuse to not do my homework or study when I need to. Getting the cleaning out of the way and keeping it clean really helps eliminate that stress for me! I get motivated and focused on my homework much faster and get it done!

Pinterest A LOT

So this one might just work for me… BUT I owe all of my organization and inspiration to Pinterest! I constantly am checking the site looking for new phrases that encourage growth and positivity along with pictures and study tips and outfit planning! Pinterest is a way for me to organize my life without it being my life! It creates a life I would LOVE to live and I set realistic expectations for what I can achieve! Pictures in Prague? Maybe not yet but downtown Abq? That’s doable!

Stick to your schedule, but don’t be afraid to move things around!

This is one thing I’m pretty good at! If I’m struggling to get my “to do list” done for the day, I’ll sit down look at it for a minute or two and think of how I could maybe push one of the tasks to a different day or a different time! Life is about being flexible and making good decisions! Maybe that paper is due Friday but today is Tuesday and you really want to go see that new movie on discount day… go see the movie!! BUT only if you know you have time on a different day to do the work you missed out on today! School is so important, and for most of us, our biggest priority at the moment! Losing out on fun doesn’t always have to be the case!

These tips really help me focus on my goals and focus my time and energy! I hope you find a few of these tips useful!

XX, Ravn 🙂