One of my proudest accomplishments, Graduation! (2016)

Some friends from my HS! (2016)


My journey in New Mexico started out terrifying. Moving to a different state your freshman year of high school? Sounds a lot worse than it actually was! I found some great friends that helped me pass the time with endless One Tree Hill marathons, sonic trips and laughs. Eventually, I graduated! That summer I signed up to live in the dorms, unsure of who I would be rooming with, and unknowingly spent one last summer with my three high school best friends! All of a sudden, August came and swept my friends away to college… out of state. :/

My roommates and I from my freshman year in the Casas Del Rio dorms! (2016)

Starting college without my best friends was hard. I had spent the last four years with these people and now I found myself starting over again. I hadn’t even moved states this time! It almost felt like I had; since both my parents had also now moved to different states! (My mom now living with her Fiance in Minnesota and my dad living in Wyoming with my step-family. ) I started hanging out with my roommates a lot, along with other students we met, we had formed a little friend group! After a few days I knew Patricia, my suite mate, was going to become my literal other-half! I have met so many amazing people since I’ve started at UNM! I know people say friends last a lifetime but sometimes friends also grow apart! You don’t have to feel obligated to stay with the friends you made in the beginning if you’re on different paths. It’s a part of life, and it happens but I’ve also learned that sometimes you reconnect with old friends. Everything works out in one way or another!

My roommates and my boyfriends roommates all went to the state fair together! It was my first time! (2016)

Patricia and I in the hot springs! 6 miles in Birkenstocks and flip-flops. (SB 2017)

College has given me some of my favorite memories! Late nights with friends, Random Dions picnics, making food at 1Am or even a spontaneous road trip to LA, just to name a few. I feel like I get a chance to stand out and be who I really wanna be here in college without the fear of trying to please everyone around me! The only person I have to please is me. If I don’t like something, I’m an adult and I don’t have to do it! Unless it’s something I should do, like go to class! Go to class, Always. Your college experience is what you make of it. I loved high school and how purely blissful and innocent those years were, but college really has grown me into a person I can be proud of. I finally see where I want to be in the next 10 years, and that is such an enthralling feeling! Honestly, I encourage everyone to go out and find what makes them happy and excited and follow that path because it will be a successful one if you put in the work!
Thanks for taking the time to read my post and I look forward to sharing part of my college experience with all of you!
Remember to be kind to everyone! You never know who could use a smile.
XX, Ravn S. 🙂