Like I mentioned in a previous post, one of my Portuguese classes is an Immersion Activities class, in which we have presentations from guests specifically linked to Portuguese culture. We’ve mostly had in class presentations but this last thursday, Dec. 14th we had a class field trip, combined with a lower level class group. I admit, it sounds like we’re too old to have field trips in class but this one was so worth it.

Our visit was to the Radio and TV Museum which is located at the Portuguese Radio & TV studios, my professor also had arranged for a guided tour of the studios, which was the best part.

The tour started off slow, we were introduced to storage of different set props, and one of the sets, which was going to be used that night for a show called 5 Para Meia Noite, which is a late-night show that airs every thursday night. We then learned about different cameras, lighting sets and all that good stuff.

5 Para Meia Noite set


After the TV studios tour, we moved over to the radio studios, learned about the sound control and the different stations that broadcast. Each radio station has their own studio! There is a radio station that airs outside of Portugal specifically for people abroad who want to know what’s going on in their home country (which was nice to learn about because i plan to listen to it when I’m back in the U.S.) There’s also station that airs 24/7, if at any point there is technical issues, they have to quickly head over to the studio directly across to continue the show.


My favorite part of the tour was probably when we got to head over to the telejornal set. Telejornal is basically just the news show. When we entered the set it wasn’t during filming hours for the main news broadcast but just the set was kind of reminiscent to the noticiero news shows from Mexico and less like a CNN or Fox News type of thing. We actually did get lucky and saw another news show during live broadcast of Eixe Norte Sul, another news show presented by Dina Aguiar. She was super nice and insisted we all jumped next to her for a selfie during an intermission.

telejornal set

my classmates and I with Dina Aguiar


Lastly, we got a guided tour of the Radio & TV museum, which is surprisingly modern and is basically one of a kind. According to our guide, the museum is home for a lot of TV and Radio equipment from the last 100 years that were otherwise lost in EU countries during the World Wars. I didnt get to take as many pictures as I would’ve liked to but this museum has a virtual guided tour which i really recommend checking out!