Jess J.

Senior - Sociology
Albuquerque, N.M.

Study Abroad Location: Bergen, Norway

Interests: Social Justice, Zero Waste/Eco Friendly Living, Guitar, Sci Fi and Fantasy Literature, Crafts (knitting, sewing, etc.), Photography

Extra Curricular Activities: Cosplay, UNM Tolkien Society, Yoga

Red or Green? green

In any given moment, we have two options: to step forward into growth or to step back into safety.
— Abraham Maslow

Favorite Class: Tolkien Field Experience

Favorite Bands: The Beatles, Mumford and Sons, Paramore, Panic at the Disco

Why did you choose Norway?
They have a semester that lines up with ours, but they are also a Direct Exchange, which meant an affordable semester abroad. Also, I could learn a new language but also have a bit of a safety net in case of an emergency, because many of the younger generation there speaks English. What sealed the deal for me was seeing how gorgeous it is there, along with the fact that I have ancestral family that still lives and own land there that I will have the chance to go visit.

What are you the most excited/afraid about this exchange?
I think I am most excited for the scenery and for the challenge of learning a new language. My goal is to be conversationally fluent in Norwegian by the time I get back! I think I am most nervous about getting homesick and how much I will miss my friends and family since this will be my first time traveling alone to a new place.

Do you plan on visiting other countries, cities during your exchange?
Definitely! I hear the train ride from Bergen to Oslo is beautiful, so that's on my list for sure, and I want to do some exploring and sight-seeing in Europe. The best case scenario would be that I make a few friends and go hopping around the continent with during the weekends or class holidays.

Why is it important to study abroad?
I think it is important for everyone to do some traveling by themselves at some point in their formative years because you are forced to adapt and take care of yourself and learn a lot about how you react to certain situations on your own. Being in a new country adds another level of experience to your travel, and it forces you to look at different cultures and your own culture in ways you hadn't before. Even places that seem similar at first have their own traditions and strange quirks, and I think it is important to experience those first hand to broaden your horizons and stretch your brain a little.

Meet Jess J.

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