Since we got back really late from seeing the Northern lights, we also slept in really late the next day. The sky was already getting darker as we left our hotel room in the early afternoon, and the weather was wet and murky, but there was one thing we still wanted to do–ride the cable car.

We took a bus from the city center across the bridge to the base of Fjelheisen (the cable car). It wasn’t that crowded, so within a few minutes, we were on our way up the mountain.

Nothing compares to the Sandias, right? I was expecting to take a couple of pictures and come down, but the view up top persuaded me otherwise. The bad weather disappeared once we got above the clouds, and before me, I saw one of the most beautiful views I’ve ever seen in my life.

We stood outside for a while walking around in the snow, taking pictures, and watching the sunset.


Then, we went inside to eat at the small restaurant at the top of the lift. The first thing I noticed when I walked in were the huge windows with a comparable view to the one we had just seen outside. In the middle of the room, there was a fireplace, and nestled in the corner was a small bar and cafeteria. The lights were dim, and the walls and ceilings were made of light brown wood; it reminded me of going in for a hot chocolate break in the middle of a cold ski day.

As expected, all the spots near the windows were full, so we walked towards the only empty seats we could find at a table towards the center of the room. There was already a man and a woman sitting at the table, so we asked if we could join, and within a few minutes we had made ourselves some Norwegian friends!

The couple was visiting from southern Norway on a short holiday. As we sat around the small wooden table with one single lit candle between us, they told us about themselves, their country, their jobs, and even their kids.

“We love meeting people from different places!” they told us excitedly as we were thinking the exact same thing ourselves.

They left after about an hour, and that’s when I remembered why we were there in the first place–to eat!

I was a little reluctant at first, but we ended up getting the reindeer burger to share. I didn’t want to eat Rudolph, but seriously, if you ever have a chance to eat reindeer it’s some of the best meat I’ve ever tasted. It’s lean, flavorful, and it was perfectly cooked. They also put some sort of pink sauce on it, which I saw on other sandwiches in Norway as well. I never figured out exactly what it was, but it’s probably the second best thing you could have on your burger (nothing will ever beat fresh green chile and cheese #NMproud).

We also tried Norwegian milk chocolate as per the recommendation of our new friends! It was just like a kit kat, but the chocolate covering on the wafers was sweeter and richer. I ended up buying more that day, and at the airport the next day before heading back to Austria.

Before going back down the mountain, I wanted to see the view at night from the look out where we had been standing earlier, but the snow had frozen to ice, and the area wasn’t well lit, so we decided to go ahead and head down. I did grab a picture looking out the window before we left the restaurant, though.

The next day, five hours after leaving Tromso, we were back “home” in Austria enjoying our Norwegian milk chocolate on the train ride back to Graz.