Do you ever second guess yourself? Well this was me today upon realizing that in less than a week I’m going half way around the world to a small country that no one (including myself six months ago) has a clue where it is located.

Some of you may be wondering, “How are you going to a country that you didn’t even know exists?” Well the answer is actually somewhat simple. I’m going for the¬†opportunity.

I have lived in Albuquerque New Mexico my entire life and have really enjoyed it. However, I have only been outside of the country twice. Both times for only about a week (I went to Canada and St. Lucia)

Being no sort of travel/geography aficionado you can imagine my confusion hearing from my adviser that Estonia might be the place for me.

I listened as she told me that Estonia was a small, beautiful country in Northern Europe that might be of particular interest to someone who is an international studies major like myself.

Pensive, I went home and professionally researched Estonia using Google. I found out three main things about Estonia:

1. It’s cold.

2. Russia might invade Estonia.

3. It’s a unique study abroad destination.

Since I am an international studies major and I am thinking about pursuing a career in the US Department of State, Estonia’s tense border with Russia and unique location actually plays in my favor. Having study abroad experience in Estonia will most certainly make me an interesting candidate for a position.

Also, there is just some sort of urge inside of me that wants to go somewhere special and different. Even though popular countries like Spain and England beckon, I have the desire to really go somewhere that very few American students have the opportunity to go to.

Even though right now I can assume what living in Estonia will be like, I really have no idea until I leave soon next week. As I begin to pack my life up into a few bags,  I wonder what life will really be like overseas for an entire year.

Time for me to say goodbye to New Mexico

I am very excited to begin this journey and share it with anyone who would like to learn a little bit about how life in Estonia will be for a UNM sophomore.