Hello everyone! I hope life is treating you well! I know my life is pretty crazy and busy right now but it’s great. 2018 is going to be one exciting, but busy year for me! I recently just got engaged on Thanksgiving Day so now I am in the process of planning a wedding! I am also in my last semester of student teaching and will graduate with my degree in education in May. I will then get married, move to Texas and start teaching in the fall of 2018!

There are so many changes going on at once here in the next six months, but I’m ready for a chapter in my life! I know many of you may be thinking how is all of that and getting good grades possible? Well it is with hard work, determination and prioritizing. Anything is possible if you put your mind to it! I am excited for what 2018 will bring and I hope you are too! Stay awesome!

-Tianna Spurlock