Hello everyone, I hope your week has been amazing! My week has been very busy, but it has been great. Lately, this thought of, “being content with where I am at in life and with who I am” has been on my mind. So I thought I would share this thought with you. When this thought crosses my mind, it makes me think about how a lot of the time we can find ourselves comparing ourselves to other people’s lives. We say things like, “If only my life was like theirs…”, “If only I had that, life would be great”, “If only I looked liked that person…”. We say all these different things in our mind but, would those things really make life better or make you happier?

Most of the time we are only seeing the highlights of people’s lives. We don’t know what their lives are like behind closed doors or what problems they are facing. So when we are content with where we are at in life and with who we are, we don’t have to compare ourselves to others because we know who we are which is unique and one of a kind. Life is better and you are happier when you realize everyone is different and when you realize your life is the way it is for a reason. It is up to us to live the best life we can live cherishing every moment and staying content with our own life. I am definitely blessed with this beautiful life God has given me. Sure, I have had my good times and bad times but, those times are what have made me into the person I am today.

Life is too short to be focused on what someone else is doing and where they are going in life because you could miss out on what is going in your life and where life could take you next.

Stay Awesome!


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