Hello, friends! I hope you all are doing amazing. First of all, I just want to say this year was so crazy and busy but, it was an incredible year. This year I got the opportunity to be in the classroom five days a week while taking classes and it was intense. The first half of the year I just worked at a private school called Legacy Academy and then the second semester I also starting student teaching at Bandelier Elementary school and it was intense and exhausting. I didn’t think that working with first graders all day would be so tiring but, I also didn’t think that working with first graders could be so rewarding. I absolutely love working with first graders and I loved all my first graders that I worked with this year. It was sad saying goodbye to them at the end of the year and a couple of tears were shed and it makes me think that when I become a teacher, I will be one of those teachers who cries at the end of every year because I know that I am going to get attached to my students. I am going to be one proud teacher at the end of every year. I can’t wait! Just one more year of student teaching and then I will be a licensed teacher! Ahhhhh, so crazy but exciting!

Now just time to take that victory lap! This year was my fourth year and it was bittersweet not graduating this semester, to be honest but, as I started to think about it more over this year, I was able to really be okay with not graduating in four years. Every college student wants to graduate in four years and when they see that they won’t be graduating in four years, they feel disappointed in themselves and all these negative thoughts start to cloud their minds because everything didn’t go as planned. When in reality, graduating college in more than four years or later on in life is just as big of an accomplishment as graduating in four years. Life takes each and every person on a different journey and your journey is what makes you unique and is what builds our character and who we are. We are not defined by how many years it took us to graduate from college or by our degree, so taking that victory lap or taking a couple extra years to graduate college is no big deal. The important part is that we work hard, strive for excellence and finish strong. You will get there when you get there, it’s not a race so enjoy the journey. I know I am and I purpose to finish my victory lap strong. It’s going to be a blast!

Thank you for reading!