Tianna S.

Junior - Elementary Education
Albuquerque, N.M.

Interests: Dancing, volunteering, singing, eating, tennis, reading, and exploring

Extra Curricular Activities: Young Life college UNM, Orientation leader, Campus tour guide

Red or Green? green

Why fit in when you were born to stand out?
— Dr. Seuss

Favorite Class: English

Favorite Bands: Vertical Church Band, Elevation Worship

What is campus life like?
Campus life is very relaxing and calm for the most part. There is always something to do on campus from hanging out by the duck pond to doing tricks on a long board across Smith plaza. People are very friendly and welcoming and one thing I love about UNM is that it is so diverse. You are able to meet people from all over the country and from out of the country, making a new friend everywhere you go.

What surprised you the most about UNM?
What surprised me the most is that UNM is such a supportive school and there are so many resources, programs and organizations provided for us as students. It surprised me that UNM has such an incredible support system and there are so many people who want to see and help students succeed in everything they do. UNM is a school that shows that people matter.

What’s your best UNM experience so far?
My best UNM experience so far has by far being an orientation leader and being a campus tour guide. Both jobs are very similar and I get to do what I love most which is working with people and share my experiences. I learned so much about myself, grew as a person and got to be one of the first faces incoming freshman meet entering UNM.

What does it mean to be a Lobo?
To be a Lobo means to be someone who strives for greatness and is always willing to learn. A Lobo is someone who cares for other lobos, never leaving another Lobo behind. We stay in a pack and leave a lasting impact everywhere we go, we never give up but continue to move forward and accomplish our goals.

Meet Tianna S.

Teacher things!

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  When you are an elementary education major you do fun things like make fake snow in your science class! I love being an education major!  

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Don’t let fear hold you back!

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Last Sunday a group of my friends and I went to Jemez and hiked some very high mountains. At first I was so excited because I thought we weren’t going to do any crazy hiking and I thought we were going to stay on flat trails that were easy to get up and get back […]

4th of July festivities!

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Hello everyone! I hope life is treating you all well! This 4th of July was an exhausting but fun day and I hope you all had an incredible 4th of July! My sister Breanna and I ran a 5K with my friend Marissa and her dad first thing in the morning. Then my family and […]