Trace R.

Junior - IFDM (Video Production)
Gainesville, FL

Interests: Cinema, Sports, Current Events, Chile

Extra Curricular Activities: Writing decent ideas down; Anything active involving a ball; Playing poker; Sleeping is up there as well

Red or Green? green

Emancipate yourself from mental slavery.
— Bob Marley

Favorite Class: Most all of my film classes. I once had a Philosophy class that was my jam though.

Favorite Bands: Phoenix, M.G.M.T., Miike Snow, Ab-Soul, Childish Gambino

What surprised you the most about UNM?
I was really surprised at just how nice people are here in New Mexico as a whole. Not that people aren’t nice in the south where I’m from, but I just love the vibe and friendliness of New Mexicans.

What brought you to UNM?
I knew I wanted to do something film related, but L.A. and New York were too expensive. Breaking Bad is my favorite show of all time, and I thought the place that produced the greatest show ever might also have a pretty cool film program. They do, IFDM.

What are your favorite events around Albuquerque?
Is eating an event? If eating is an event, then eating would be my favorite event. I’d put New Mexican cuisine against anything else in the world. I also absolutely love snowboarding season, and the fact we’re just an hour away from some pretty good slopes is amazing.

What are your plans after college?
I really want to do something with film and/or writing. As of now I haven’t figured out if I want to go the documentarian/journalist route or the pure creative (try to make it in Hollywood) route.

Meet Trace R.

A Couple Timelapses Near Casas Del Rio

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I recently shot these for UNM’s Marketing Department, and they are part of the footage being used in the KNME’s ‘State of the University’ piece. Timelapses are definitely one of my favorite things to shoot. Find a good frame, press record, wait 20 minutes, throw it into After Effects, do a couple things, and you […]

My Top 10 Websites

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In case you were wondering, which you’re not…but in case you were…and before I jump in, you’ll be able to tell I’m very tech/startup/money inclined…anyways, here are my top 10 sites. (Not including social media) 1. TechCrunch – There isn’t a better site for everything tech from new apps to company acquirements to the tech […]

Buying a car… off Craigslist

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So recently I had to purchase a new set of wheels due to my Hyundai Santa Fe slipping on black ice and sliding into a wall around a loop a few weeks ago. After weeks of searching high and low for something suitable, I finally have something to whip around Albuquerque. It’s a 2005 Ford Focus […]

Placed 3rd in Anderson’s Business Plan Competition

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The Anderson Business Plan Competition is one of the coolest things UNM has to offer in my opinion. If you have a great idea, make a business plan, pitch it to investors, and if it’s good enough you’ll win some cash. It wasn’t the outcome my business partner and I expected…We had our eyes on […]

It’s been two months.

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So after over a couple month hiatus, I am back writing for The Pack. The end of the semester swamped me, and then I went back to the swamp that is Florida for the entirety of the break, and I’ve been swamped yet again ever since this semester began. Ultimately, I’m just glad I haven’t […]