Hey everyone!

I’m back on the Pack after a long break from writing, and I couldn’t be happier. This past semester was the most academically challenging in my entire college career. I decided to take my senior thesis for international relations along with an 18 credit hour course load. I know I’m insane, but even though I didn’t have much time for anything other than my studies I still has an amazing semester! Some of the highlights included a friend from Poland visiting over Halloween, getting the opportunity to fly to Chicago over New Years to visit some friends, and most recently passing my senior thesis class! As my senior thesis was the most difficult class I have had so far, I thought I would share my new knowledge to prepare others majoring in International Relations, or just interested in travel really, is to prepare themselves for the mandatory class.

  1. While completing your study abroad or intercultural experience keep a journal, a blog,¬†or anything that will help you remember specific instances that you were culture shocked or learned something new. Experiences like theses are what the entire class is revolved around, and it is difficult to write about something you can’t remember.
  2. Find something you are passionate about. Whether that be stopping world hunger or helping the environment, your final will be a research essay about an issue that is vital to you!

Happy break everyone, and Merry Christmas!