Earlier in the summer, I found out that I had to get my tonsils removed. (Yeah, huge bummer I know) So instead of putting my summer on hold, I decided to do my own mini bucket list of New Mexico explorations before my surgery, and not waste a minute of my summer time! I started off with a trip to Brazos Falls in northern New Mexico for some ATV fun and beautiful mountain scenery. A few days later I rented a paddleboard and went out to Santa Cruz Lake to try it out. However, out of all they amazing places I got to experience, the most awe striking was a hike I did through Tent Rocks.




Tent Rocks is a fairly easy hike with very few uphill trails. The trail I chose was through the canyon. Even though in the middle of July it feels like a microwave in there, all the white sand, pointed mountain tops, and curves of the trail makes it feel like another world, almost alien. The trail ends at the top of a mesa overlooking the entire park, and that is a view worth seeing.





I highly recommend visiting Tent Rocks at least once. However, if you plan on hiking during the summer, plan on getting there in the early morning. I started my hike around 10am and the hike back to the car was almost unbearable. Also bring tons of water and a good group of friends!

Also I attached a video I made of the trip, it’s little shaky but not too shabby for the first one!

Tent Rocks .gcs