You know sometimes, life moves pretty fast… if you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.

This is my favorite quote of the past year, and although it came from Ferris Bueller, it stands pretty true. However, I’ve never felt these words more clearly than the past few weeks, they have moved… fast! Not only am I trying to spend time with my friends and have a fun normal summer, but I am also preparing to take my LSAT in the fall, make time to write, but most recently I have become a dual UNM student employee!

My dual job with UNM is really a blast, I am a summer camp counselor for the UNM Youth Fitness Program. Basically, I get to teach and promote a healthy lifestyle to kids from 6-14 years old. When I first started my summer job search I never thought I would end up at a kids summer camp. I was looking more for 9-5 legal internships for experience, but I am so glad I didn’t end up going that route. At camp I actually get to enjoy my summer, be outside, and honestly I am learning a lot more from the kids than I ever even considered I would. Being a student employee has not only opened me up to my potential but also has given me the opportunity to be more in tune with my campus. Its an experience I highly recommend.

Thanks for reading!