Hey guys! So some of you may, or may not know that my major is International Relations. So if you didn’t know, that is what signed up to study for my time here at UNM. As a part of my major I am required to take a polictal communications class, and to be honest at first I was really bummed. While yes on one hand I am intrested in the legal system, and how it shapes our governement, but I am definetly not interested in ever becoming a politican. So you can imagine my surprise when I found out I actually enjoy the class. During these first few weeks of school, I have come to see this class isn’t trying to make students politicians, but rather teaching us to see past the tricks and planned speechs of politicans, making us not just better informed but better voters.

As a class project, each group in class was tasked to bring an assigned mayoral candidate to one place for a student led forum. And we have accomplished just that! The forum will be held at 11:00am in the SUB Ballroom B. So whether or not you’re into politics, or even care who the next major is (which you schould), come to see what you can do with your voice and be heard in choosing the next leader of Albuquerque! If you are a political science student mention it your teacher as an extra credit lecture, maybe it will give you a boost in class as well.