Today has shocked me…. Today I am sad.

I am sad today, and I am not talking about the results, although I do not agree.

I am sad today, because I am sad for you, and I am sad for us, and I am sad for America. I am sad that the only opinions I see, are opinions condemning others for their own. I am sad that we have lost our faith in each other. That we seem to have forgotten that we have friends that DO welcome us into this country and DO love us no matter our identity or religion. Most of all, today, I am sad, mostly, that we are fearful. Because often, fear slowly turns to hate. And in this case, “slowly” has a new definition.

I am sad that faith is being thrown out the window. That hope seems to no longer exist. That these most important feelings have been replaced with hate, with fear, and with hurt. I am sad that we are forgetting that everyone has a right to their opinions, and I am sad that we are so hateful in our thoughts. I am sad that we are calling out our friends and family in such radical ways, and I am sad that some of us do not feel welcome in our own country. I am sad that some of us feel our progress is stifled. And while I understand all of these opinions, while I understand that I have never walked a mile in anyone else’s shoes, I am sad nonetheless.

No matter your opinion, I believe that NOW is a time to commit to life, to following your dreams, to stand up for what you believe in, and to give life and this country all that you have. I believe it is time to do all of this, and to do it in a peaceful way, understanding that others will have different opinions, and understanding that they are allowed to. Amid adversity, through adversity, and past adversity — I am asking you to commit.

Commit, to following your dreams despite your fears.

Commit, to living and preserving your American dream and pushing past any obstacles you feel remain in your way.

Commit,  to coming together as one, to remember what we stand for and that “We the people” still means something.

Because divided we are weak, but together we can build a better and happier future. So please, remember who you are, and try to not let your emotions stoop you down to other levels that are not as respectful and mature as you strive to be.