Well guys, we’re a month into the new semester already, can you believe it? This semester marks the beginning of my senior year of college, and so far I’m finding it harder to focus, constantly daydreaming of sunny vacations and days of reading for FUN. So you can say that the senioritis has hit, hard. After three years of school topped by an intense grad school search, who wouldn’t want to coast a little, amirite?

But in all seriousness, your last year of college is still important, so if you’re also in my situation here are a few tips for beating that pesky itch:

1. Work hard. Work really hard

This is your last chance to finally get that GPA you promised yourself you’d have freshman year. Whether you’re looking into furthering your education, or joining the work-force grades could get you places.

2. Get involved

Yeah it’s your last year so joining a new group or volunteer organization may seem weird, but it could also become your new passion, and push you in a direction you never thought of. For example, I am going to start volunteering with my class at a church teaching refugee kids English. (More to come on this great experience)

3. Stay healthy

Maintaining your physical and mental health is critical during your senior year. Each day, give yourself the opportunity for a quick workout, at least one healthy and fresh meal, and an hour of alone time to calm down and relieve your daily stress.

4. Make a daily checklist

I for one have had zero motivation lately. So I’ve been trying to keep a list of what I have to do to help keep me motivated and on task. Even if your not a list person having some sort of reminder will help you avoid procrastination, and Netflix binge watching.

5. Go out on a high note

Make the most of your time in your undergrad, and on campus. Go to school functions, see a Lobo game or two, and just enjoy the atmosphere.