Life can get crazy as a senior in college. As I approach the end of the semester, and get closer and closer to graduating in the Spring, I really see why “the senior struggle” exists! Since my last post in September, I’ve had a few big events happen, so here’s a life update.

My main goals after graduation is to attend law school and work towards being a entertainment lawyer or creative marketing producer. I’m all set to take my LSAT in June and make that dream come true! However, ultimately I’ve decided to take a year off before law school, and join Teach For America. TFA is a non-profit organization geared towards teaching in low income communities! I’m really excited about this new prospect in my life, and have always wanted a way to be more involved in community service work, so TFA is perfect. I will try my best to keep everyone posted on my journey through the application process. On top of making the tough decision on my post-grad plans, this semester I’m taking a full course load, and I also have gotten a second job as an intern with the website It’s a great place to have a college internship, and I’m learning a lot about media marketing (like I mentioned I was interested in) and event planning. I have some great pictures from past events I cannot wait to share on The Pack!

In smaller news I’m going to visit some friends I studied abroad with in Chicago next weekend, so look out for my photo blog soon!