Hi everyone! As this is my first post in a couple months, I’d like to catch everyone up on my semester so far!

I actually ended up moving 2 weeks into the semester into a new apartment and found out my new roommates are exchange students from Denmark! Since moving in together we’ve all become close and even went to Los Angeles on Spring Break together. I’ve also started a new part-time job that has turned out to be more work than I thought along with school, but I am managing!

Now on to school… every week I have been volunteering with a program called IRRVA for my immigration and culture class. Basically IRRVA is a completely volunteer based organization striving to help teaching refugees English so they can succeed in their new home! (I promise a more lengthly post to come, but unfortunately they’ve been closed this month) It’s a great program and has completely changed my view on refugees and immigration in this country as a whole.

Today, I actually took my new exchange friends to their first Isotopes/baseball game ever! It ended up being very memorable as two of the guys we went with competed in a contest where they dressed like hamburgers! I’ve included some pictures below:


Here is the hamburger costumes I was talking about!

fullsizeoutput_1671 fullsizeoutput_1674

Well that’s a quick update for now! Have a great week everyone.