The summer has started off strong with so much traveling packed into so few days. In my last blog I briefly mentioned I was studying abroad through a program through the Spanish and Portuguese Department and the Honors College called Conexiones. Through this program, I will be studying in Cáceres, Spain during the summer– which is an amazing opportunity. However, this program begins right when schools ends meaning right after finals I needed to board a plane to get to Spain.

So I packed my bags and left Albuquerque heading to New York City. I had a 23 hour lay-over giving me time to get to know this foreign city I have never been to. I was lucky enough to stay with a family friend giving me time to explore the city as much as I could and spend time with her adorable dog.

Cocoa the crazy dog
Some Central Park pics

After a day spent in NYC, it was time to board the plane for a 7 hour flight to Madrid. While I was partially dreading the flight, it was actually the smoothest plane ride I had ever been on, and I never even realized we had lifted off the ground.

When we landed, Amanda– another student on the trip with me– and I had 16 hours in Madrid before we met with the rest of our program to catch a bus to Cáceres. So, we decided to not let the jet-lag get the best of us and we took the city of Madrid by storm. If I’m being honest, I couldn’t tell you how we got to half these places; we just walked until we found places that captured our hearts.

We were also lucky to find a Mercado that had the best food. All the food in this market was fresh and sold directly from vendors. We walked to each one and tried as much as possible.

Amanda and I kept moving around and admired all the beautiful architecture here, as well

Sadly, our time was cut off in Madrid, but it’s on to the next adventure in Cáceres.