It is officially mid-April meaning Fiestas has come and gone. Fiestas is UNM’s annual music festival that takes place on Johnson Field and includes food, games and, of course, music.

Fiestas has been a staple on UNM’s campus for generations now. 

My dad is a UNM alumni and when I was growing up, my dad talked about UNM every time he got the chance. This was especially heightened when my dad and his college friends would get together. While we usually heard the same stories over and over again, Fiestas was always the go-to story to kick off the night. 

Fiestas was where their friendship all started. Back in the day, Fiestas was a three-day event on Johnson Field where students would leave their homework in their dorms and spend the weekend outside hanging out with friends. 

So naturally when Fiestas rolled around, my dad gathered all of his friends from the Coronado dorm, and they headed out to the field. 

The music was playing. The sun was out. My dad and a couple of his friends were playing frisbee. After one rogue throw, my dad’s friend jumped to catch the frisbee and accidentally ran into another guy on the field causing him to spill his drink. 

A friendship was sparked, and the rest was history. 

My history with Fiestas is a little different. Fiestas itself has changed over the years; now, Fiestas is a one-day event with huge headliners.

Last year, I was actually able to run Fiestas. I worked backstage with all the artists who performed. The day was spent helping artist and making sure their sets ran smoothly. I was also able to enjoy the show with better than front-row seats—I was able to sit right on the stage with the artists!

Magdalena and I enjoying Quinn’s set during Fiestas 2018 :’)

This year, however, I took a different approach and spent Fiestas in the crowd. It was a very different experience. During the day, there were many families, alumni and students gathered on the field listening to music and playing games. For most of the afternoon, I was working The Lobo Life table where you could play a friendly game of cup pong to win free UNM merch.

Tabling for The Lobo Life

At night though, that’s when the crowd came in. Closer to 6 o’clock, lines started to form and the field began to get packed. This years’ headliners included artists like Boogie and Ookay.

Because I’m a scrub I forgot to take any pictures during the madness at Fiestas– luckily I have my good friend Ben Lane to pick up the slack. So, below are some pictures Ben took during the show this year!

Per usual, Fiestas in a night to remember.